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Showing off your portfolio (if you have one) is a good way of making your website work for you.

You simply define each item in your portofolio and our site will do the rest for you.



TDBTools TDB Tools is our "potting shed" with tools and items we have either purchased or written, many are available for public use.
Castle Inn Colchester A busy public house with food and entertainment.
Timestyles A site for a craftsman that repairs antiques and makes replicas for museums
Associated Locks Website for a security and locksmith company
TDB Newsletter We have used this White Label System for the front end of TDBNewsletters.com
Sharksbait A fledgling US cancer information and support group started in Minot, ND by a married couple both receiving cancer treatment at the same time. TDB Computing donated the webspace and software.
Annas Fund A small UK charity that helps children and mentally and physically handicapped adults in India. TDB Computing donated the webspace and software and supports this charity.

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