Castle Inn Colchester

A busy public house with food and entertainment.

The Castle Inn on the High Street of Colchester has recently come under new management and despite spending a considerable amount on a website the owner was not happy with the website or the service and decided to use our White Label system as they wanted complete ownership of the content and the ability to change the content at will.

They have an extensive food menu and liked the ability to change food items simply without resetting the page, nicely categorised.


The adminstration of food clearly shows how the White Label system can be used to generate an excellent presentation simply.

First the categories of food are chosen from a basic list or added or amended

There is a simple form for amending or adding food categories

and when these are defined the order can be simply changed with a drag and drop procedure

Then food items are added to the category via a simple form, which can include an image and of course can be sorted simply

each food item has optional checkboxes

If an item the active flag is not ticked the item will not be shown on the menu (useful for occasional shortages) and if the other options are ticked an appropriate icon is shown on the menu automatically.

The tabs for the menu (and indeed the whole menu system) is intelligent. If there are no items for a category the category will not be shown. If there are no food items at all then the top menu will nnot be shown


Additionally the site has galleries (it is in a tourist position), one masonry and one parallax


details of special events

a page for private functions

a page of the history of Colchester which links to a more detailed page

links to local attractions with a detail page


and a small video on the home page, hosted on Vimeo


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